Effective Natural Cures For Bacterial Vaginosis

Before you reach for perfume or some other cosmetic application to mask the odor of bacterial vaginosis, try looking at a home remedy that might clear up the problem. Over the counter applications usually contain alcohol which may end up killing the good bacterium as well as the bad and then leave you with a worse problem than you started out with.

Several natural cures for bacterial vaginosis, also referred to as vaginal bacteriosis or BV, are extremely effective and can be used harmlessly for stopping or decreasing vaginal odor, such as wearing 100% cotton clothing so the vaginal skin can breathe, and not sweat excessively.

Another healthy choice for dealing with BV is to clear out the excessive fluids that tend to leak out during this condition by washing the vagina with water. While you may find the fluid is one of the main causes for the smell, remember that it is nothing more than your body’s natural defense system in the process of getting rid of the body of harmful bacteria. Washing the vagina frequently with clean water is one of the best choices because it will not only remove the unpleasant smell, but also remove the bad bacterium at the same time.

Finally, applying a solution of vinegar, salt, and water to cleanse the vaginal area several times is also another highly effective natural cure for vaginal bacteriosis. This remedy will help you by destroying the bacteria, mask the unpleasant order to a great extent, and also goes a long way toward helping to cure this annoying condition.

These are some natural cures for bacterial vaginosis. If you want to permanently cure your bacterial vaginosis within 3 days, click here.

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